Message #8

May 15, 2023
Rev. Randy Booth

FOMO. Do you know what FOMO is? It’s the fear of missing out. It’s the desire to buy something because it’s unexpected bargain or participate in an activity because it’s such a rare opportunity. People don’t want to miss their chance. Have to act now. Have to buy now. What! Are they afraid God cannot provide for them in due time?

Here’s the problem with FOMO and stewardship:

While we’re saying ‘yes’ to a surprise opportunity at a yard sale or when we’re far from home, there are plenty of other opportunities we have to say ‘no’ to. 

When was the last time you missed out on an opportunity to support something in

God’s Kingdom because you didn’t miss out on the bargain at the store? We’re afraid to miss out on marginal purchases – so we pounce – when there are real hungry children around the world and around our neighborhood.

It’s not just what we buy, but also how we act. We can be so busy tiring ourselves out with new experiences that we’re too tired to help for a real opportunity to serve the poor, serve at the church, or love our neighbor.

Have we reduced ‘random acts of kindness’ to holding the door open for a stranger? Once upon a time that was considered merely a common courtesy. You want a random act of kindness? Build a handicap ramp. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway the whole winter for free. Then spend the summer mowing their lawn. Send an anonymous gift card to a single parent for the whole school year. Perhaps we should be practicing intentional and even costly acts of kindness.

How would it be if our fear of missing God’s opportunities was greater than the fear of missing out on buying something we didn’t know we were interested in until we thought it was a bargain?

Here’s what stewardship is. God has unlimited resources; we do not. Therefore, God can say yes to every good thing. Because we have limited resources, stewardship is about choosing our priorities according to God’s values. We respond to the things God has blessed us with by using them to glorify God. Whether those blessings are money or time or a talent, God started it. We respond by partnering with God.

Stewardship changes us so we’re less random and more reliable about money and


Shouldn’t we be more afraid of missing out on God’s next opportunity than next week’s internet bargain. I want to be prepared.

Don’t you?

Are you more afraid of missing out on a good sale or missing out on what God wants us to do?

Fear the LORD, you his holy people,

for those who fear him lack no good thing.

Psalm 34:9