Bible Quiz

March 25, 2023
Matt Coakley

Bible Quiz at Wilmore, KY and Alton, IL

On February 11th, we took Harmony and Payton down to Wilmore, Ky to compete in a multi-regional quiz. There were 10 churches from 4 states present at the quiz. 73 quizzers came to compete! Harmony and Payton did well in the YTR-A division. While they didn't make the top three, they did manage to beat the first place team!

The quiz at Wilmore was over 7 hours away and was the closest quiz to Janesville. Wilmore also held other great joys for our team. We were able to visit with Danielle, who is away at college in Wilmore, and Payton was able to visit with his relatives who traveled there to attend the Asbury Revival. We were able to participate for several hours during our visit. While it may still be too early to call it a true revival, we definitely felt the presence of God there. It was an experience our quizzer will never forget and we are thankful God gave us the perfect timing and opportunity to participate in this event.

And there's more!

On March 11th, we traveled to Alton, IL (near St. Louis) for the GateBash quiz. There were 11 churches from 3 states at the quiz. Our team studied hard and provided great competition. Once again, they were unable to break into the top 3, but they beat the first place team, again! If they had one more round, they would have been in first place. It's amazing competition. One of the quiz coaches, who has been part of quizzing for decades, told the rookie quizzers in the individual finals round that in all his years of quizzing, this is one of the best groups of rookies he has ever seen!

And among that group is Payton. Payton fought his way into first place in individuals. Great job Payton!

Harmony quizzed young teen veteran and managed to get thirds place in individuals. Great job Harmony!

So, what's next for the Compass Bible Quiz team? Next month we are studying Matthew 12-13 and the quiz will be in Bedford, Indiana. Following that, there is a final quiz in Indianapolis covering ALL the material: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, and Matthew 1-13.

We have a Culver's Scoopie Fundraiser on April 2 from 10:30 - 2:00 where 10% of the proceeds will be donated to our quiz team. Hope to see you there!

And finally, there is a big change in Bible Quiz Finals. They were scheduled to be in Seattle this year, but have just been moved to Greenville, IL!  Our team is super excited and hoping to attend (though we will need to figure out how to raise about $1800). I'll post more information after our next quiz.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Compass Bible Quiz Coach

Matt Coakley